Serving the residents of Marshfield and Surrounding Areas

1 issue Full Colour 3 Issue package* Full Colour 6 issue package* Full Colour
Full page 120 mm x 180 mm ***
£297. £99/month
£540. £90/month
Half Page 120 mm x 85 mm ***
£180. £60/month
£330. £55/month
Quarter Page 58 mm x 85 mm ***
£99. £33/month
£174. £29/month
Centre Pages (Colour)
Front Cover (Colour)**
Back Cover (Colour)
Inside Front/Back Page (Colour)

* Can be different ads for each issue. The discount is for booking the space. ** Available by special arrangement only. Only 1 issue in every 4. *** Dimensions may vary slightly.

Editorial Feature (Full Colour) –

A double page spread, including photographs and advertisement. A great way to let potential customers know all about your business. Fantastic value – just £185

Loose inserts – 3,100
These can be delivered within the Marshfield Mail for just £125 per 3,100 distribution. Limited to 2 leaflets per calendar month. They must be received by the Marshfield Mail no later than one week prior to delivery. Bookings taken on a first come, first served basis and full payment must be made to secure booking.